Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is CBD?

A. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found naturally in the cannabis plant. It is NOT mind altering like marijuana, which means CBD will NOT make you high. 

Over the past 40 years there have been numerous studies that highlight the potential of CBD. Researchers discovered the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is the system within the body that CBD interacts with.

Q2: Is CBD legal in my state?

A. All CBD products Beza Naturals carries are made with CBD extracted from the industrial hemp plant. This type of hemp has less than 0.3% THC and does not alter the mind like other drugs. Beza Naturals is proud to offer CBD that complies with The 2014 Farm Bill.

Q3: Do I Need A Prescription Or Medical Card To Order?

A. No! A medical card or prescription is not needed to place an order. This website is not intended to provide medical information and does not claim to cure or treat any medical disease. Always speak to your doctor about any health concerns you may have.

Q4: Is there THC in your product? Would I fail a drug test?

A. No. Beza Naturals’ CBD is extracted from 100% industrial hemp, which has negligible amounts of THC to begin with; less than 0.03% by weight. To take it a step further, traceable amounts of THC is removed completely in the extraction process, leaving 100% pure, natural CBD.

Q5: What are terpenes?

A. Terpenes are what give plants their specific scents. For example, the smell of flowers, fruits, and cannabis are all produced by terpenes. The terpenes in cannabis not only produce a specific aroma, but they contribute to the difference between strains of cannabis and their effects!

Our Green Roads products contain terpenes in addition to CBD oil for a stronger “synergistic effect”, meaning, these compounds have stronger effects when added together. 

Q6: Where are your lab results? Are they 3rd party lab tested?

A. We use all our products ourselves and use them on our family. We source our raw CBD isolate for our topicals from Lazarus Naturals. A local farm to the Pacific Northwest – located in Seattle and Portland. Lab result to the isolate we use can be found here: LAB RESULTS FOR OUR RAW CBD ISOLATE

In addition, we carry compound pharmacist formulated “Green Roads”. A popular and well known CBD company in the industry. Their lab results for their products can also be found here.