1000mg CBD Oil Green Roads (Broad Spectrum – No THC-Compound Pharmacist Formulated)

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CBD Oil – 1000 MG

The 1000 MG CBD Oil Tincture is a sublingual oil that is vegetable glycerin based and infused with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD). Our broad spectrum oil Tincture is made in America and compounded by a licensed pharmacist with 20 years + experience. The 1000 MG Oil Tincture is a higher level concentration of CBD oil. The 1000 MG cannabis Oil Tincture is a great option, and each serving of 1000 MG CBD Oil Tincture has 5 MG of CBD.

CBD Oil Uses

Hemp has been used for thousands of years. At the time, the science behind hemp could not explain why it worked. However, people believed it to be a powerful plant.


Modern day science explains the powers of hemp and why years ago it was used for so many different purposes. The hemp plant produces compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help create balance in your endocannabinoid system.

What Happens If Your Endocannabinoid System Is Out Of Balance?

If your endocannabinoid system is out of balance, it can lead to symptoms such as inflammation, chronic pain, headaches and other, more serious conditions. These conditions come from Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD).

3 reviews for 1000mg CBD Oil Green Roads (Broad Spectrum – No THC-Compound Pharmacist Formulated)

  1. Shawn M.

    Life Changing. My 3yr old daughter has autism, and she has been on CBD 1000mg oil from Green Roads and my daughter is a completely different person. No more biting the teacher, or uncontrollable tantrums. Her cognitive skills have improved soo much!

  2. Dwayne T.

    YES! I would recommend to anyone. Quick service, packaged well and clear instructions on how to use. Since I started with this, I have noticed a big difference. The taste is a little different but not horrible. I have back pain, arthritis and a host of other issues and I can say with confidence that this product has helped me.

  3. Nancy R.

    Great product. Helps me sleep and with inflammation in my joints. Recommended by my rheumatologist.

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