350mg CBD Oil Green Roads (Broad Spectrum – No THC-Compound Pharmacist Formulated)

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CBD Oil – 350 MG

The 350 MG CBD Oil is a sublingual oil that is vegetable glycerin based and infused with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD). Our broad spectrum cannabidiol oil is made in America and compounded by a licensed pharmacist with 20 years + experience. The 350 MG broad spectrum CBD Oil is the original formula that started it all, and each serving of 50 MG broad spectrum CBD oil has 12 MG of CBD.

CBD Oil Uses

Hemp has been used for thousands of years. At the time, the science behind hemp could not explain why it worked. However, people believed it to be a powerful plant.


Modern day science explains the powers of hemp and why years ago it was used for so many different purposes. The hemp plant produces compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help create balance in your endocannabinoid system.

What Happens If Your Endocannabinoid System Is Out Of Balance?

If your endocannabinoid system is out of balance, it can lead to symptoms such as inflammation, chronic pain, headaches and other, more serious conditions. These conditions come from Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD).

4 reviews for 350mg CBD Oil Green Roads (Broad Spectrum – No THC-Compound Pharmacist Formulated)

  1. David K.

    I have severe lumbar pain and has stopped taking hydrocodone(10years). Tylenol/ibuprofen does not touch my pain. I tried the CBD oil as a last ditch  2-4 during the day. I am happy to be functional again! attempt to curve my sleeplessness and diminish my pain level. I’ve been talking the oil for a few weeks along with a CBD ointment. My pain has gone down from a level of 7-8 (and sometimes higher) to a 2-4 during the day. I am happy to be functional again!

  2. Cat D.

    Works for me. I am a Firm believer! I purchased the cbd oil to reduce inflammation. I had a bursitis on my elbow for about 3 months. Doc told me there was nothing I could do. After applying the oil directly to the site, in just three days it was 50% smaller! Also, my daily back pain from my work, was much less frequent.

  3. Kathryn L.

    350mg oil I have been using for a couple of months so far. Seems to help with stress and anxiety. will continue to use, is making a difference in mental outlook

  4. Donna W.

    I just started using 350 dosage and feel great. My skin has improved greatly. I’m 60 and have psoriasis. Wow what a difference even for my joints and clarity…love it

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